Great Dane and English Mastiff Play with Baby Ducks

Meet Mr. Big the Great Dane puppy and Argus the 200-lb English Mastiff.

Despite their sizes, they’ve proven to be such gentle giants!

Just take a look at how they play with those ducklings.

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to watch dogs interact with other animals?


Siberian Husky Sings Bach

There is absolutely nothing in this world dog videos can’t cure.

So, if you’re feeling a little bit blue today,  click the play button!

You’ve got to listen to this beautiful Husky sing… or howl, for that matter.



Dog Helps Man in Wheelchair

When natural calamities or disasters strike, heroes emerge.

Watch this heartwarming video of a dog helping his owner out in the flood.

It sort of makes you think that the dog is more human compared to everyone else just observing what’s happening.

Cat Takes the Dog Home


Tell us what is wrong with this video.

Here’s an obvious clue for you: EVERYTHING.

Funny Compilation of Cats Versus Dogs

Yep, you’ve seen this happen in cartoons a lot of times!

So, what makes you think it doesn’t happen in real life?

Everyone, permission to LOL granted!


Dog and Lion are Best of Friends

Watch this future king of the jungle befriend an average dog.

We don’t know about you…

But we sure love friendships that are anything but ordinary!

A Compilation of Dogs Sleeping

What’s the only thing better than watching a cute dog sleep?

Watching a lot of them do!

We’re pretty sure you’re going to love this compilation of the cutest sleeping dogs in YouTube!


Dog Has Trouble Walking in Sneakers

Breaking in a new pair of shoes is always quite a challenge, isn’t it?

Watch Maymo the beagle as he attempts to walk in his new pair of sneakers for the first time!

So, what do you think about shoes for dogs?

Japanese Man Shows Love for Old Dog

Everyone could use a smile right now, yes?

Watch this heartwarming video of a Japanese man tugging his old dog around town.

This short clip sure made our day. Hope it makes yours too!

Cute Dog and Jaguar Are Best Friends

For Bullet and Jag, they seem to have no trouble getting along!

It’s perfectly normal except Bullet’s a dog and Jag’s, well, a jaguar.

Who would’ve guessed, right?